Gazong Press Releases Flexus by John McNeil & Laurie Frink

Flexus CoverImprovising on a brass instrument comes with unique physical challenges and demands. Brass players know that playing an extended solo often results in playing less correctly as the solo goes on.

Flexus is the first book to deal with these issues in a systematic, organized way. It addresses these problems with a wide range of new and progressively challenging exercises.

The book contains contains ten études which, together with the exercises, are designed to condition your chops, improve your endurance and finger speed and help you develop a strong, flexible embouchure.

The exercises in Flexus not only extend your upper register but teach you to change registers quickly and efficiently. The wide variety of material in Flexus makes it very simple to tailor practice routines to your individual needs.

Flexus is designed for classical improvisers as well as jazz artists. Addressing the physical issues of improvising leads to an overall mastery of the trumpet and ultimately enables instrumentalists to be more creative.

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